Flags Over Charles City

General Description

The purpose of the Flags Over Charles City project is to recognize the Patriotic Spirit that flows through each of us, by offering the citizens of Charles City an opportunity to have a United States flag placed in their yard on specific Patriotic days throughout the year.  

The specific days are as follows:   Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day.

The cost of subscribing to this special service is $ 30.00 per year.  All funds raised by the Charles City Lions Club from this project are in turn, used to support numerous Lions Club projects and donations to local, worthy organizations and causes.  

Each year the Lions Club of Charles City donates to support citizens in the following ways:  Eyeglasses for students in the Charles City Community School District, donations for hearing aids, donations to community projects, Eagle Scout projects, School Lunch program, TLC The Learning Center, Food Bank, Iowa Big North, Fine Arts Century Club, Sports Complex and numerous other deserving groups.  

This year kicks off our next major project for the betterment of the Charles City Community - the update and make over of the Central Park flag pole and landscaping.  The Charles City Lions Club will celebrate our 100th Anniversary on May 3, 2021.  In honor of this occasion, we have decided to give back to the community by completely updating the Central Park flag pole site on the west side of Central Park.  This 'Century Project' will be completely funded through numerous fundraising efforts by the Charles City Lions Club over the next two years.  Please consider subscribing to the Flags Over Charles City project to help us reach our goal.  

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